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How to configure your LiveZilla Server (PHP / MySQL)

1.) Open the Installer in your browser

Please open the URL of the folder to which you uploaded the LiveZilla files. If everything was uploaded successfully you should see the LiveZilla Server Page in your browser. If this is not the case please check the URL. Make sure all system requirements are met and hit Start Installation to begin.

2.) Create your Administrator account

As the next step please create the administrator account for your LiveZilla server installation. The user name and the password you specify here will be used to maintain and update the server you are going to create. Please keep user name and password in mind. The administration account is your first internal user (=operator) which can also be used for all daily tasks. You can create additional operators once you have finished this installation. In the following step you will need to configure the duration of the storage of cookies set by LiveZilla as well as masking of IP addresses.

3.) MySQL Database configuration

The final step in this wizard is to setup the MySQL connection on your new LiveZilla Server. For security reasons, please use a separate MySQL user account and a separate MySQL database (if possible).

If you don't know your MySQL details, please request this information from your webhosting company.

  • Host

    The Hostname or IP of your MySQL / Database Server. In most cases, web server and MySQL Server are running on the same (logical) server which means that localhost will work as host name. If your MySQL database is installed on a remote machine you will need to enter the host name of the remote database server.

  • User

    The database user you like to use for LiveZilla. The user needs the permission to CREATE/ALTER/DROP tables and SELECT/UPDATE/INSERT/DELETE data in the regarding database.

  • Database

    The MySQL database you want to use for the LiveZilla Server Installation.

  • Prefix (optional)

    The prefix entered here will be added in front of each table name. This will help you to organize data in a database and prevent one type of data from interfering with another.

Enter your database details and press Create Tables to create the set of LiveZilla tables.

Awesome, your Livezilla Server is ready!

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